EM-kilpailut 2006 joukkuekilpailu




2. The largest one ever recorded was discovered near Three Forks, Montana and was 2,140 feet long, 14 feet high, and 23 feet thick at the base.  What was it ? 

3. The name of which Internet search engine and web portal was inspired by a type of hunting, Wolf Spider ? 

4. Which Swedish defenseman (b1944, d1987) for the Winnipeg Jets in the WHA and NHL holds the distinction of being the first non-North American born and raised captain in the history of the NHL ?

5. In November 2006, which former Turkish Prime Minister died aged 81 after spending nearly six months in a coma following a stroke ? 

6. On successive days in April 1241, hundreds of miles apart, two separate forces belonging to which power destroyed two European armies - one consisting of Poles, Germans and the Christian military orders at Leignitz (Wahlstatt), the other what had been the flower of the Hungary's military forces at Muhi ?

7. Recognised by UNESCO as a Human Heritage Art, Koodiyattamthis, a form of Sanskrit drama thought to be at least 2,000 years old, is a traditional performing art form in which Indian state ?

8. In Romansch its name means 'valley of the Inn River', which Swiss valley gave its name to two suburbs in Australia's largest city ? 
9. This 'Humanitarian Award' is awarded periodically at Academy Award ceremonies for outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes. The 30 recipients to date include Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Audrey Hepburn and Paul Newman. The award is named after which Danish-born actor (and expert on the works of Hans Christian Andersen) who served as the president of the Motion Picture Relief Fund for 18 years ? 

10. Life magazine once called him a ‘Japanese Hemingway’; a novelist tipped for a Nobel Prize, a playwright, and occasional B-movie actor; he is famous for both his nihilistic post-war writing and the circumstances of his ritual suicide (this coming at the end of a failed coup which was intended to restore Emperor Hirohito to full power and godhead in 1970).   He was born with the name Kimitake Hiraoka in 1925, but by what name is he much better known ?



2. Which TV series can trace its origins to 1992 when two film students at the University of Colorado created an animated short called 'Jesus vs. Frosty' ? 

3. He was first person to fly into space six times, twice journeyed to the Moon (also walking on it), and as of 2006, he is the only astronaut to have piloted four different classes of spacecraft.  Now retired, who is the longest ever serving US astronaut, having been with NASA for 42 years (1962 – 2004) ?

4. In Melville's Moby-Dick, who is the harpooner in Stubb's boat who is described as a savage, Native American who has turned from hunting land animals to hunting whales ?

5. The quintessential composer of Bel canto opera, which 19th century musician gave his name to a classic Italian cocktail of peach juice and sparkling wine ?

6. To some he’s a saint - San Ernesto de La Higuera - from whom they ask favours. Others say his ghost frequently walks the area near where was killed. He’s known to the world by a Spanish word which he was fond of using and which can be translated into English as "man" or "friend", as in "Man! This is a great quiz question!". Who was he ? 

7. Known as 'Tianmìng' in Pinyin Chinese; what was the name of the equivalent traditional Chinese concept to the West's idea of 'the divine right of Kings' ? 

8. Hi 1966 movie 'La Grande Vadrouille' (Don't Look Now, We're Being Shot At) was seen by 17 million people at the cinema in France - a national record until the release of 'Titanic' in 1997, which film director died age 87 in July 2006 ? 
9. What was the name of the Oceania Football Confederation representative whose decision to go against his region's mandate (he abstained, having been instructed to vote for South Africa) scandalised him and helped Germany clinch the 2006 World Cup finals ? 

10. He invented the distinctive 'large eyes' style of anime, basing it on cartoons of his day such as Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse; whose prolific output and his pioneering techniques and genres earned him such titles as 'the father of manga' and 'the god of manga' ?


2. Who was shot and killed on 30 June 1974 by a deranged gunman Marcus Chenault as she sat playing the organ of the Ebenezer Baptist Church ? 

3. Which is the next to highest Sumo rank ? 

4. Also featured in the title of a 1995 Bruce Springsteen album, who is the hero of John Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath' ? 

5. Originally Nihangs ('Crocodiles') were suicide squads in the Mughal army. Their name and attire was adopted by the Akalis and they have since become a warrior order among some of the males of which religion ? 

6. Belatedly reaching No1 in the UK singles charts in 1980 it was later covered by the Manic Street Preachers in 1992, giving them their first UK Top 10 single; which song from a 1970 movie (winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes) has lyrics written by the US director's then 14 year old son - who earned substantially more in royalties than his father ever did for directing the film ? 

7. With a population of roughly 1.5 million, which is the largest city in Bolivia ? 

8. In chemistry and mineralogy, what name is given to a solid in which the constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions ? 
9. A ceremony usually associated with Venice, what has twice also taken place in Poland (each time involving army commanders), once in 1920 at Putzig, on the Baltic Sea coast and again in 1945 at newly-captured Kolberg ? 

10. One of the oldest continually operating companies in the world, the origins of the Avedis Zildjian Company goes back to 1618, ever since which they have used an alloy of tin, copper, and silver to make what ?



2. Which former American track and field athlete is best remembered as the first person to break the four-minute mile barrier on an indoor track - he ran 3:58.9 on 10 February 1962 ? 

3. Handling 50% of all the world's business (by bulk, if not value) the coastal town of Alang in India’s state of Gujarat is the principal location of which 'industry' ? 

4. Which station on the Paris Métro is named for the administrator and scientist who promoted the potato as a food source (for humans) in France and throughout Europe ?

5. Also the title of a track on Wings' best-selling 'Band on the Run' album, what is the Arabic word for 'safe haven' ? 

6. Who is the only American to have been elected twice to the Vice Presidency and twice to the Presidency ?

7 . Set in 1870 in the old ‘Wild West’, which 1971 film starring Toshiro Mifune and Charles Bronson saw one of the original Seven Samurai acting alongside one of the Magnificent Seven ?

8. In 2006 the Council of Europe stated what to be the biggest cause of death and disability among European women under the age of 44 ? 
9. In 1992 she appeared in Madonna's infamous book ‘Sex’. In 1995 she developed her own brand of cosmetics, called '… …'s Manifesto' and in 1997 published her autobiography entitled 'Some of Me'.  Who is she ? 

10. The man behind the Beslan school attack, he was the 'most wanted' Chechen rebel warlord.  Who died in 2006 in an explosion in the neighbouring republic of Ingushetia ?



2. What name did the American military give to their 2001 campaign against the Taleban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan ?

3. Which 1986 Hollywood movie features the fictional Mikoyan MiG-28 jet aircraft ? 

4. Which country's Constitution of 3 May 1791 was Europe's first modern, codified national constitution and was only the second national constitution in the world after that of the USA ? 

5. Who famously finished his speech after his wife was shot dead by an assassin's bullet during an Independence Day rally in 1974 and was himself shot dead five years later by his spy chief as he clung to autocratic rule in the face of a growing democracy movement ?

6. Dating back to first contact with Europeans in the 16th century; the name of which country is believed to have derived from a word meaning "village" in the language spoken by the inhabitants of a village called Stadacona ? 

7. Its menu is centred on wood-fired rotisserie chicken; which prolific US country music star gave his name to a string of over 350 restaurants, locations including Canada, the Middle East, and Asia ? 

8. Opened in 1988 and situated in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines, France; with which sport do you associate Le Centre Technique National Fernand Sastre ? 
9. The most populous city in the region called ‘Romandy’, which European city gives its name to this mechanism? 

10. The sculpture ‘House Attack’ was exhibited at (on top of!) an art gallery in which European capital in 2006 ?



Round 1:

1.?   2. BEAVER DAM   3. LYCOS (Lycosidae)   4. Lars-Erik SJÖBERG  5. Bülent ECEVIT  

6. Mongols  7.  KERALA  8. ENGADIN (Engadine and North Engadine, Sydney) 

9. Jean HERSHOLT  10. Yukio Mishima


Round 2:

1. ?   2. SOUTH PARK (Trey Parker and Matt Stone)  3. John W YOUNG  

4. TASHTEGO (Qeequeg was a South Sea Islander in Starbuck's boat)  5. Vincenzo BELLINI 

6. Ernesto 'Che' GUEVARA  7. MANDATE OF HEAVEN  8. Gerard OURY  9. Charlie Dempsey 

10. Osamu Tezuka    


Round 3:

1. ?  2. Alberta Christine Williams KING  3. OZEKI  4. (The Ghost of) Tom JOAD  5. SIKHS




Round 4:

1. ?  2. James Tully ("Jim") BEATTY  3. SHIP BREAKING  4. (Antoine-Augustin) PARMENTIER


9. Isabella ROSSELLINI  10. Shamil BASAYEV               


Round 5:

1. ?  2. ENDURING FREEDOM  3. TOP GUN  4. POLAND  5.PARK Chung-he (S Korea)

6.  CANADA (Jaques Cartier, 1545)  7. RED SUN  8. FOOTBALL (French Academy)




From a list of the 50 greatest ever movie heroes, chosen by the American Film Institute in 2003 …

1. Which of the heroes, chronologically speaking, lived first ?  MOSES (Charlton Heston)

2. The #1 hero is a courageous professional, a respected family man who, in the course of the film, shoots a dog.  First appearing in a popular novel, who is he ? Atticus FINCH

3. Which is the highest placed character with a sports background ? Rocky BALBOA (No7)

4. Which is the highest placed person of colour ? Virgil TIBBS (No19)

5. Which is the highest placed Asian ? Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI (No21)

6. Which is the highest placed character in a Science-fiction movie ? Ellen RIPLEY (No8)

7. Which is the highest placed contemporary female character ? Clarice STARLING (No6)

8. Which is the highest placed lawman ? Will KANE (No5, ‘High Noon’)

9. Which is the highest placed character from a silent movie ? The TRAMP (No38, Charlie Chaplin)

10. Which is the highest placed animal ? LASSIE (No39)

11. Which is the highest placed comic-book super-hero ? SUPERMAN (No26)

12. How does the highest placed character in the list without a name appear in the credits of the film in which he appears ? [points for a near miss!] JUROR Number 8 (No28, '12 Angry Men', Henry Fonda)

13. Which is the highest placed convict ? (Cool Hand) LUKE Jackson (No30)

14. Which is the highest placed character in a Medieval setting ? Robin HOOD (No18)

15. Which is the highest placed real-life sportsman ? Lou GEHRIG (No25, Gary Cooper, ‘Pride of the Yankees’)




We list information such as Atomic number, ore-source, meaning of name etc. : you name* the element!

* The names you need are those in use by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

1. 739,000 parts per million (‘PPM’) in the Universe, atomic number 1 (‘#1’) ? HYDROGEN

2. 1,340 PPM, #10, nearly inert noble gas, industrially produced by cryogenic fractional distillation of liquefied air ? NEON

3. 10,700 PPM, by an interesting co-incidence of nature, in liquid form it is sky blue ? OXYGEN

4. 4,600 PPM, #6, are nearly ten million compounds are known to science ? CARBON

5. 1,090 PPM, comprises approximately 95% of all the metal tonnage produced worldwide ? IRON

6. Constituent element of all living tissues & amino acids, has been called ‘noxious air’ ? NITROGEN

7. 240,000 PPM, #2, sound travels three times faster through it than in air ? HELIUM

8. 580 PPM, Mg, it is the third most plentiful element dissolved in seawater ? MAGNESIUM

9. 440 PPM, #16, name now written with an “f” not a “ph”.  It is mentioned in the Bible ? SULFUR (Brimstone)

10. A tetravalent metalloid, #14, name comes from Latin for ‘flint,’ first identified by Lavoisier ? SILICON

11. #17, Cl, a Halogen; 18th century chemist Scheele called it dephlogisticated marine acid ? CHLORINE

12. It has the lowest atomic number of the ‘poor metals’ yet was once considered a precious metal more valuable than gold ? ALUMINUIUM (#13)

13. #51, Sb, a metalloid, stibnite (Sb2S3) is the predominant ore mineral ? ANTIMONY

14. Among the Alkali metals it has the highest atomic number; highly radioactive it is found in very small amounts in uranium and thorium ores; it is named for a country ? FRANCIUM (#87)

15. #67, Ho, named for a European capital city, one of the lanthanide series ? HOLMIUM