EM-kilpailut 2006 henkilökohtainen kilpailu


1. This was the theme music to which classic US TV series ? 

2. Worldwide, who is the best-known real person at any time in history to be typically depicted (shown) seated in a ‘padmasana’ attitude ? 

3. Although best known writing lyrics for his brother, he also wrote hit songs with the composers Jerome Kern, Kurt Weill and Harold Arlen.  Also the middle name of Oscar winning film star Russell Crowe, what was the lyricist's first name ? 

4. What name was given to the important military corridor that once stretched 600 miles (960km) from the Duchy of Milan to Flanders, along which men and material travelled north - including the veteran troops of Don Lope de Figueroa who made the journey in just 32 days during the winter of 1578 ? 

5. As you may expect, which reptile appears in ads for the Government Employees Insurance Company - an auto insurance company based in the United States ? 

6. Which US actor often found ways to say his real surname in movies & TV shows he appeared in - for example, as General Omar Bradley in the film 'Patton, Lust For Glory', he says to a soldier "Hand me those field glasses, Sekulovich" ? 

7. Originally a shortened form of the Italian word for "supporter", which 4-letter name is given to any spectacularly 'choreographed' display staged by supporters on the terraces of an arena before or during a sporting event ? 

8. Residents of this capital once proudly referred to their city as "Kin La Belle"  meaning 'K____ The Beautiful' but after years of neglect they now call it "Kin La Poubelle" or 'K____ the Dustbin'.  Which African capital city ? 
9. See satellite image: the Strait of Tiquina is the passage connecting the larger and smaller parts of which big lake ? 

10. Since 2003 a committee in France has campaigned for this palace to be re-built.  What was it called ?


1. Which year in the 20th century is mentioned in the name of the musical group who made this recording with Sergio Mendes ?
2. In the 17th and 18th centuries the Motorin (or Matorin, Моторины in Russian) family were famous craftsmen (skilled makers) of which large objects ? 

3. It is where they award the 'Golden Shells'.  Since 1953, which Spanish city has staged the most prestigious cinema festival in the Spanish-speaking world ? 

4. Which country beat Greece to win the 2006 Basketball World Championship ? 

5. From an idea he had in 1930 he came to be called ‘King Cullen’; The American Michael J. Cullen (1884-1936) is generally considered to have been the inventor of which type of business establishment ? 

6. Which European telecommunications firm with a strong Internet presence took its name from an ancient village located inside (yes, inside) a cave in Sardinia ? 

7. Which war between Chile & Peru was ended with the Treaty of Ancon in 1883 ?
8. His aggressive driving made him a fans’ favourite and earned him the nickname 'The Intimidator.'  What names are shared by this NASCAR driver, killed during the 2001 Daytona 500, the racing team he founded and his racing driver son ? 
9. In later episodes of the US TV series 'Mork & Mindy' which US comedy legend played Mork's son, Mearth

10. This skull came from which creature ?


1. Who can be heard singing a version of the European Union’s Anthem which, in today’s political climate, might have got him assassinated ? 

2. Which planet was hit by 21 large fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 over the course of 6 days in July 1994 ? 

3. The Greek word 'polis' means city.  What does 'metropolis' mean ? 

4. Which character in opera kills herself with her father's sword, on which is inscribed "To die with honour, when one can no longer live with honour" ? 

5. How good is your Latin? If a marine creature is described as 'demersal', where can it be found ? 

6. Attending a ceremony in 1908 when Émile Zola's ashes were removed to the Pantheon, who was wounded in the arm by a gunshot in an assassination attempt made on his person by Louis Gregori, a disgruntled journalist ? 

7. She’s deeply in love with the title character and he with her.  They are having an affair. Mrs Daisy Buchanan appears in which classic American work of fiction ? 

8. Known in Egypt as 'ta`amiyya', it is a very popular form of fast food in the Arab East. What is the more common name for a fried ball or ‘patty’ of spiced fava beans or chickpeas ? 
9. From a famous family; which physicist, mathematician and engineer (b.1796) gave the first successful theoretical account of heat engines (now known as the ‘______ cycle’ after him) and laid the foundations of the 2nd law of thermodynamics ? 

10. A daughter of King Acrisius of Argos in Greek myth, Danaë was visited and impregnated by Zeus in the form of a shower of gold, and so the hero Perseus was conceived.  Which artist has pictured the event here ?


1♫ It’s claimed it makes watching anything funny - it accompanies many YouTube videos - but became famous on The Benny Hill Show. What is the music called ?

2. The second most abundant element in the Earth's crust, making up 25.7% of it by mass, which chemical element has the atomic number 14 ? 

3. So far, who is the only film actor to play a ‘Bond’ villain and a ‘Batman’ villain ? 

4. John Rabe led a group of Western businessmen, scholars and missionaries in putting home-made Red Cross flags around a 6 km2 area of Nanjiing as it fell to Imperial Japanese forces in December 1937. As a result, maybe 250,000 lives were saved. This led to him being called the ‘Living Buddha of Nanjing’ and ‘Schindler of Nanjing’. He was his local branch leader of which political party ? 

5. Which northern province of Angola has the name of a former African nation ? 

6. In the terminology of Chess Problems; what name is given to a composition in which, at some point in the solution, a white pawn on its starting square makes each of its four possible moves (forward one square, forward two squares, capture to the left, and capture to the right) ? 

7. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, which Republic experienced a major political upheaval in 2003 which has come to be known as the 'Rose Revolution' ? 

8. Considered a pest by most farmers in the USA it is prized in Mexico where it is called Huitlacoche. Sometimes called 'Mexican Truffle' it is a plant fungus causing tumours that resemble mushrooms. On which crop plant does it grow ? 
9. Taken in 1966, this is a photograph of Bennelong Point, located in which city ? 

10: A southern hemisphere Republic (or République or Repiblik), these are the arms of which archipelago of 115 islands ?


1♫ Originally a piano piece but here you have the orchestrated version; in 1910, who composed Két Román Tánc (‘Two Romanian Folk Dances’) ? 

2. Situated in the Caribbean, off the north eastern shores of the mainland, Isla Margarita is the largest isle belonging to Nueva Esparta State.  Nueva Esparta, and so and Isla Margareta, belong to which country ?

3. It was said to house the spirit of the nation, and only the Asantehene (the king) was allowed to touch it; the Golden Stool was sacred to which African people ?

4. Named for a small Italian commune 23km East of Verona, which popular, crisp dry white wine blend has a name which can be translated as ‘Gentle’ ? 

5. Emilio Marcos Palma is featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the only person known to be the first person ever born on a continent.  Which continent ? 

6. What generic name is given in Australia to the larvae of Cossid moths (Cossidae), Ghost moths (Hepialidae) and Longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae) ? 

7. The Jólasveinar or 'Christmas boys' are the sons of child eating ogres Grýla and Leppalúði. They began as naughty spirits who appeared, one by one, thirteen days before Christmas, stealing food, dirtying clothes and annoying their victims. Over the centuries, the myth changed to make the Jólasveinar less mischievous; now, they are traditionally seen to leave small presents for good children but just a potato for bad ones. They are part of which country's mythology ? 

8. Man and wife are both Scientologists; which American indie-rocker is married to Marissa Ribisi (she is the twin sister of actor Giovanni Ribisi) with whom he has a son whose first names are Cosimo Henri ? 
9. The US slang term ‘Hillbilly’ originally referred to a person living in which mountain range ? 

10.  What name is shared by a Dolphin in Sega and PS2 games and a Danish shoe maker founded in 1963 ?

1♫ It won 5 Academy Awards towards the end of the 1990s, including ‘Best Picture’ and two of the other three so-called ‘big 4’ Oscars.  Which film ? 

2. The previous answer is the name of an album his band made; the most popular Ben & Jerry's ice-cream variety was made with black cherries in August 1995 in mourning for the death of which ‘American icon’ (as Bill Clinton described him) ? 

3. Which is the only capital whose city limits border two neighbouring countries ? 

4. On 9 September 1997, the twentieth anniversary of his death in police custody, Nelson Mandela re-named a bridge across South Africa’s Buffalo River in honour of which individual ? 

5. A decision since reversed, the 'Berlin Oper' cancelled a production of which work by Mozart in 2006 for fear of offending Moslems (one scene sees the heads of Poseidon, Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha presented to the King of Crete) ? 

6. Who lost more than 18kg (41lb) since he had intestinal surgery on 1 August ‘06 ? 

7. To who is this quote attributed: "I know men & I tell you Jesus Christ is no mere man. Between Him and every other person in the world there is no possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creation of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions would die for Him." ? 

8. Also called 'air hunger' it is the rapid, deep, and laboured breathing of people who have acidosis. Which ‘type’ of breathing is named for the 19th century German doctor who first noted it ? 
9. Which playing position’s name has been removed ? 

10. He was born in Selânik (Thessalonika) in 1881, he died in 1938.  Since 1953 the Antikabir has held whose remains ?

ROUND 7:  

1♫ Here is ‘Sinfonia From The Christmas Oratoria’, who was the composer ? 

2. Sharing its name with a traditional garment and an Iranian city, which Bali nightclub was struck by the force of a huge car bomb in 2002 resulting in 202 deaths ? 

3. Born in 1973 she’s sold over 30 million records since her 2000 debut album entitled 'Not That Kind'.  Which US singer-songwriter was born with the surname Newkirk ? 

4. Which character in French literature shares a name with 2 notable dogs - the first belonged to Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, the second is a 22nd Century beagle which is Captain Jonathan Archer's closest confidant in TV’s 'Star Trek: Enterprise' ? 

5. In March 2006, which Asian country suspended its entire Weightlifting team from international competition after a fourth drugs test failure since 1st January ? 

6. Created by a merger in 2004, which is the largest airline company in the world in terms of operating revenues, and the third-largest in the world (and largest in Europe) in terms of revenue-passenger-kilometres ?     [Need name of both merged parts] 

7. Around 25% of all the members of which community have the surname Stoltzfus ? 

8. This knight and poet is regarded as one of the great epic poets of his time. He lived circa 1170 to 1220. The best clue I can give you to his identity is that his first name is associated with a chemical element, symbol W, atomic number 74.  Who was he ? 
9. The delta area of which great river is known locally as 'cuu long' (‘9 dragons’) in tribute to its estuaries ? 

10. What was the name of this young Austrian girl who was abducted and held captive for eight years ?


1♫ The actor whose voice you may just hear speaking was born in which country ? 

2. The Ossolineum or Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich is one of the largest scientific libraries and the oldest publishing house in Poland. It was established in Lwów in 1817.  In 1947, after Lwów was lost to Russia following World War 2, it was moved to which city in Lower Silesia ? 

3. Referring to this person’s old prison number, whose efforts to help raise Global awareness of AIDS/HIV includes the website 46664.com ? 

4. Also called 'scheme of the Chinese phonetic alphabet', Hanyu Pinyin is accepted by many international bodies as the preferred transcription system for which Chinese language ? 

5. In 1994, who was acquitted of all charges when her defence team argued that 'irresistible impulse' had led to her cutting off her husband's penis ? 

6. At 14% alcohol by volume Samichlaus (‘Santa Claus’) is one of the strongest beers in the world. Originally brewed in Zürich it is now produced at Schloss Eggenberg, in which country ? 

7. An influential group of poets, 'The Generation of '27' (an English translation of their name) arose in the 1920s from among literary circles in which country ? 

8. Please be exact: what distinction is held by Yáng Lìwěi (born 1965) ? 
9. He has featured in more than one Amblin animated film, what is the surname of this Russian-born character ? 

10. Found at Jefferson Avenue and Woodward, Detroit, this 8m long arm is a memorial to which legendary American ?

1♫ A march name in honour of which 19th century Hapsburg military hero ? 

2. Its Executive Producer is a famous actor, singer and songwriter; according to the Guinness Book of Records, which is the world’s most watched TV show ? 

3. He must rank (not) as one of the towering intellects in US political history; what did the J in J Danforth Quayle represent ? 

4. The title character in which 1991 Hollywood film somewhat resembles in appearance Der Struwwelpeter ('Shockhead Peter'), the title character of a popular 1845 children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann ? 

5. In distilling, what cute name is given to the phenomenon whereby some of the liquid volume evaporates and escapes from the barrel it is being aged in ? 

6. Coming from the French for 'Overseas', which name was used to describe the Crusader States founded in the lands bordering the eastern Mediterranean ? 

7. In September 2006, who played his final ATP match, retiring after 21 years in which time he won eight ‘Grand Slam’ titles and an Olympic gold medal ? 

8. Her rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV (1991) was described as one of the finest ever. A recording of it, released commercially, made the U.S. pop chart, all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. Who was the artiste ? 
9. Who wrote the autobiographical trilogy Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues and Broadway Bound ? 

10. How did Jürgen Kießling (responsible for Berlin’s ‘Fan Mile’) make news headlines after the 2006 World Cup ?

ROUND 10:  

1♫ Which ‘old man’ is telling us that he knows ‘What it is to be young’ ? 

2 Her friends and schoolteachers knew her as 'Dolly'.  Which title character from a 1955 novel had the real name Dolores Haze ? 

3 Having caused so much consternation in the International Astronomical Union (because it is larger than Pluto, scientists had to call them both planets, or neither) which object has been named after the Greek goddess of discord ? 

4 In the 2000-2001 season of Serie A he scored 12 goals for Perugia – a record number of goals for a defender in Italian football.  Who was then signed by Internazionale Milano for 10 million euros – also a record for a defender ? 

5 Which famous Australian was once parodied in an episode of 'South Park' with the line "Now I'm gonna stick m'thumb up his arse and really piss it off !" ? 

6 Which European country's state broadcaster is ORF ? 

7 It is a ‘state function’ (property) of a thermodynamic system defined by the differential quantity dS = δQ / T, where δQ is the amount of heat absorbed in a reversible process in which the system goes from one state to another, and T is the absolute temperature; in quantitative terms, what is symbolized by "S" ? 

8 The 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth which ended the Russo-Japanese War was signed in which country ? 

9 Not to be confused with a war dance; which 5-letter name is shared by a genus of jumping spiders and a Han Chinese people (and their language) whose ancestors originated in the Henan and Shanxi provinces over 1,700 years ago and whose Diaspora has taken them to numerous parts of South East Asia ? 

10 According to one of the current chefs in the Kremlin, stinging nettle soup was a favourite dish of which former Soviet Premier who had been born in 1894 ? 

11 Created in 1967 it is this nation's highest civilian honour.  Bestowed on the likes of Margaret Atwood, David Cronenberg, Lorne Green and Mordecai Richler it is called ‘The Order of… …‘ ¬- which country ? 

12 Usually proteins or polysaccharides - although they can be any type of molecule, including small molecules (haptens) coupled to a carrier-protein - which generic (general) term describes the substances which stimulate an immune response, especially the production of antibodies ? 

13 In Jungian psychology, it is a mediator between the unconscious and conscious realms. From the Greek meaning "guide of souls", what name is also given to a spirit, deity, demon or angel whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife ? 

14 Giving its name to a popular Internet translation web site, the Babel fish first featured in which best-selling book ? 

15 A roguish buffoon, which character in the commedia dell'arte gave his name to a Rafael Sabatini novel set during the French Revolution that was filmed in 1927 with Ramón Novarro, and again in 1952 with Stewart Granger ? 

16 It is home to one of Europe’s biggest open chess tournaments and one of the Czech Republic's top Ice Hockey teams.  Since 1874 it has also hosted a noted annual steeplechase, said to be the continent’s toughest. Which city ? 

17 In 1861, LH Meurant published his Zamenspraak tusschen Klaas Waarzegger en Jan Twyfelaar, considered by some to be the first authoritative text ever produced in this language.  The language itself was officially recognised in the land in which it is principally used in May 1925.  Which then is the world’s youngest officially-recognised language ? 

18 Which song by Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis for a 1956 film of the same name (starring Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani) and has since been covered by Nina Simone, Bon Jovi, Cat Power and David Bowie on his 1976 album 'Station to Station' ? 
19: According to the chronicler Ernoul, news of Saladin’s defeat of the Crusader army at Hattin in 1187 caused which Pope to die of shock ? 

20: Now a national hero, in 1912 he was slain, his mutilated body dragged through the streets. From 1906-1911, Eloy Alfaro Delgado was President of which S American country?





1♫ ‘SOAP’
2 BUDDHA (Lotus position)
3 IRA (Gershwin)
5 GECKO (from G.E.I.C.O.)
7 TIFO (from Tifosi)
9 TITICACA (sneakily oriented N on left and S on R)
10 TUILERIES (Paris)


1♫ 1966 (Sergio Mendes/Brasil ’66 – ‘Mas Que Nada’)
7 War of the PACIFIC
8 EARNHARDT (Ralph Dale Sr. & Jnr. and Inc.)
9 Jonathan WINTERS


1♫ Peter USTINOV
5 SEA BOTTOM (L. demersus = to sink)
6 Alfred DREYFUS
9 Nicolas Léonard Sadi CARNOT
10 Gustav KLIMT


1♫ ‘YAKETY Sax’ (By ‘Boots’ Randolph)
3 Christopher WALKEN (Max Zorin, View To A Kill and Max Schreck in Batman Returns)
4 NAZI or NATIONAL SOCIALIST (he worked for Siemens)
5 ZAIRE (‘Namibe’ is SW Angola)
9 SYDNEY Harbour and Opera House


1♫ Bela BARTOK
5 ANTARCTICA (January 1978)
9 APPALACHIANS (hence Appalachian Spring)


2 Jerry GARCIA ('Cherry Garcia')
4 Steve BIKO ('Biko Bridge')
6 Fidel CASTRO
10 Mustafa KEMAL or ATATURK


7 AMISH (Lancaster County Pa.)
8 Wolfram von ESCHENBACH
10 Natascha KAMPUSCH


1♫ NETHERLANDS (Breukelen, Utrecht)
3 Nelson MANDELA
4 (Standard) MANDARIN Chinese, or BEIFANGHUA or GUANHUA
5 Lorena Leonor Gallo de BOBBITT
10 Joe LOUIS


1♫ Johann Josef Wenzel Graf RADETZKY von Radetz
2 BAYWATCH (David Hasselhoff)
7 Andre AGASSI
8 Whitney HOUSTON
9 Neil SIMON
10 SHOT HIMSELF or SUICIDE (died 4 days later)


1♫ Orson WELLES
5 Steve IRWIN ('Crocodile Hunter')
8 USA - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, New Hampshire
11 CANADA (Desiderantes meliorem patriam)